Throwback Thursday: How the 1992 Asian Paints ad celebrated a poignant Diwali homecoming

India is preparing for the festive season and like every year, brands are launching advertisements that celebrate the spirit of Diwali. They are usually a mix of short-lived films. Some are memorable, some cringe, and some can be forgotten by the time the ad ends.

Advertisements often reflect the thoughts and sensibilities of the times. Modern advertisements are therefore the perfect reflection of today with our smartphones, our social networks, our hectic jobs and our hectic lives. Still, there was a time not so long ago in the 90s (ok, maybe a little long ago) when life was seemingly simpler and more scenic.

Every Thursday we revisit an advertisement from yesteryear and this time we go back in time to 1992 and watch the Asian Paints Diwali advertisement that will have you dreaming of a Diwali that only exists in our memoirs.

The commercial was released in July 1992, months before Diwali. For most Indian homes, Diwali is a time for a fresh start. Repairing chipped walls and putting on a fresh coat of paint is a common practice that can begin months before the festival. Thus, the months leading up to Diwali are important for paint brands that release festive advertisements for the occasion.

Asian Paints has a general theme of Indian family, togetherness, celebrations and love in its advertisements. This Diwali ad stays true to the theme, depicting the journey of a soldier returning home for the festival. Back home, the son eagerly awaits his father’s return as the rest of the household goes into festive mode with diyas, lanterns and pujas. The announcement was made by Ogilvy which has managed the account for more than three decades.

The hauntingly beautiful melody of “Khushiyan naye rang layenge” plays in the background, adding to the poignancy of the film.

The ad ends with a photo of the old Asian Paints logo with its mascot Gattu, which was removed in 2002.

It’s hard to imagine an ad like this today, especially if it’s aimed at modern households. Thirty years ago, families were larger, occupations were different, parties were opulent, and patriotic fervor was great. However, unlike the flashing and missing ads we see in the dozens today, this Asian Paints ad has stuck in our minds for three decades. He fills us with nostalgia every time he plays, reminding us of simpler times when Diwali was unquestionably the happiest time of the year.

On Thursdays, we revisit old ads from yesteryear to see how much ad sensibilities have changed over the years.

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