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Banning hopes to become an epicenter of filmmaking and film culture, and with this year’s first Prestige Film Festival at the iconic Fox Cineplex cinema, the buzz and promise has been exciting.

Banning is delighted to preview the first Prestige Film Festival, which will …

Dozens of films representing the efforts of 35 countries will be shown this weekend at the Prestige Film Festival, with a focus on the work of independent filmmakers, and will span multiple genres.

The festival is the brainchild of coordinator Chuck Cerda, who believes an annual film festival in Banning could fill a niche.

“The LA Film Festival is a platform for future filmmakers, but those budgets typically exceed $ 10,000,” he points out, and “Palm Springs already has a large community of directors.”

The ban is appealing in part because of its accessibility and the promise that the future Grandave Studios will bring film culture to the city, Cerda explains.

Grandave, a studio that is building sound and production stages around Banning Municipal Airport, will focus on Latinx and independent films.

Damon Rubio, owner of the Fox Theater, said when he took over the studio in January 2020 just weeks before the pandemic shut everything down, said he planned to host film festivals in his hall.

Prestige Film Festival

A still from the movie “Purple Dictatorship”.

“We are very happy to have the opportunity to host the film festival this year,” because that has been one of the goals of the company, said Rubio. “It’s nice to be able to start on this path again as we begin our post-COVID recovery. We hope that the city and the community will embrace this concept and that the festival can become an annual event. “

Ariel Looper from San Diego, a recent film school graduate who received her Masters in Film Production from Kingston University in London last year,

promoted on Film Freeway, an industry website.

“The festival looked really cool, and they have a really nice old theater with the iconic sign on the front,” which attracts him, says Looper. “They came back to me earlier this summer and told me I had been accepted” to show “Despina”, a mafia short film directed by women, which she funded and invested a lot of money to produce. , and recruited a team in San Diego of fellow filmmakers.

Although she has been a part of other film festivals, this will be her first in person, as the others have taken place online.

“Honestly, I can’t wait – I couldn’t wait to be a part of it,” Looper says.

Banning Mayor Pro Tem David Happe, owner of Station Tap House Bar & Grill where the opening gala will be held, is delighted to have the gala at his venue.

“It’s really exciting to host the festival’s first gala – it’s a great opportunity to see art films and go back to Banning’s legacy with Hollywood,” Happe said. “The future is really exciting with the prospect of Grandave doing the production here and rekindling our connection with Hollywood. “

You can buy tickets at

There will be an awards show on Friday August 6 at Taphouse Station in Banning at 7:30 p.m.

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