New American trailer for famous Taiwanese horror movie Detention from the 1960s


New American trailer for famous Taiwanese horror film Detention from the 1960s

by Alex Billington
September 23, 2021
Source: Vimeo

” Have you forgotten ? Or are you just scared? “ Dekanalog Releasing has released an official trailer in the United States for an acclaimed Taiwanese horror film titled Detention, directed by John Hsu. It opened in Taiwan in 2019 and is finally showing in the United States after performing at various festivals including Fantasia, Busan and the New York Asian Film Festival last year. Located in 1962 in Taiwan, at the time of the White Terror. Martial law is in full force. In times of extreme repression, all ideas considered to be dissenting are banned, and the culprits are tortured or executed. Adapted from a video game, based on real events, this “masterful debut by director and co-writer John Hsu creates both a shocking historical drama, a melancholy coming-of-age tale + a horror film. nightmarish reminiscent of Guillermo del Toro’s masterpieces, and with enough blood, sound design, artistic direction and striking special effects to evoke the best of silent Hill. “Movie stars Gingle Wang, Fu Meng-po, Tseng Ching-hua, Cecilia Choi, & Hung chang chu. Horror fans have been raving about it for quite some time and now it’s finally hitting theaters here. Find out below.

Here is the new official US trailer (+ new poster) for John Hsu’s Detention, directly from Vimeo:

Detention poster

Set in 1962 during the White Terror era in Taiwan, two high school students wake up and find themselves trapped on a vacant campus after school. As a series of mysterious events unfold around them, they realize that their hope of escape depends on finding out what happened to their friends and teachers while they slept. Have they really forgotten what happened or are they just too afraid to remember it? Detention, originally known as Fanxiao or 返校 in Mandarin, is directed by the Taiwanese filmmaker John hsu, making his directorial debut with this project after many other short films. The screenplay is written by Shih-Keng Chien, Kai-Ling Fu and John Hsu. Adapted from the eponymous video game, which was based on real events. This film was originally screened in Taiwan in 2019 and was also screened at the Busan Film Festival that year. He eventually won five Golden Horse Awards (new director, adapted screenplay, visual effects, art direction, original song) in Taiwan. Dekanalog will release that of John Hsu Detention in some American theaters + “virtual theaters” from October 8, 2021 this autumn. For more details, visit their site. Interested?

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