Mriganka Borah’s poetic love tale, Riyaz, released on Reeldrama


Guwahati: As Assam content finds a new home in the Reeldrama streaming platform, a new Assamese feature film ‘Riyaz‘premiered Friday on the streaming platform. Directed by debutant Mriganka Borah, the film deals with the spiritual connection and the shared connection between individual lives and music. “Music plays a central role in the life of every individual and, in my opinion, it helps not only to soothe those in distress, but also to open an eye to see things in a different way,” said Borah.

It is this reflection that the director tried to bring to light through a poetic love story between a blind poet and a widow living as a tenant in her house. The director also shared in a statement: “This is where a blind boy separately links all of his memories, perception, passion and achievements of his own being, in accordance with his way of life.”

The official page of Reeldrame shared the movie trailer on Facebook.

“I intend to show that each individual has feelings and emotions. This story will describe a blind man’s perception of his society and how music captures his emotions to show the true feeling of love, ”Borah added.

Borah has been involved in making short films since his student days. His films on child labor and other social issues have been screened and awarded at numerous student film festivals and recognized by institutions such as the National Film Development Corporation of India (NFDC), UNESCO India and the Commonwealth Educational. Media Center for Asia, etc. Riyaz Also draws on one of those efforts to make a short film on Unity in Diversity in 2014 in which a blind person’s perspective on life and the world was expressed. “I developed the idea to make it my first feature film and it took me almost four years to complete the script,” he said.

Riyaz designates the systematic practice of music by a determined musician in the classical musical tradition. It not only sharpens the skills of a musician, but also elevates the person to a state of surpassing oneself. “The mood and the mood during riyaz always fill with positivity and I find a person who does riyaz very interesting because it is something that the performer does for himself and for his own satisfaction”, Borah, who graduated in Mass Communication from Dibrugarh. University, added.

The film stars Swagata Bharali and Soumar Jyoti Borah as Karabi and Ashim and was shot in just nine days. It has also been screened at several national and international film festivals, including LIFFT India Filmotsav – World Cine Fest 2020 and Asian Film Festival, Los Angeles Hollywood 2020 and won the Best Concept Award at the Buddha International Film Festival 2020 and the special mention to the Stockholm City Film. Party 2020.

A snapshot of ‘Riyaz’

Talk to EstMojo Of the challenges of making the film, Borah said, “As a newcomer, I had to overcome a lot of obstacles, from finance and production to distribution, but I invested my own savings and money. hard work and I finished the movie. Post-production work took over a year for such reasons.

He also added, “Research has been another challenge for the film and I am grateful that the opportunity to work at Shishu Sarothi, which is an NGO working for children and youth with disabilities, has helped me to make the good choices for presenting a visually impaired person. character in the movie.

Produced by MB Productions, the film is shot by Nagen Baishya and edited by Debojit Dutta with sound design by Ankur Pathak and sound editing by Anirban Borthakur. The background music is composed by Geet Priyam and Raja Hazarika. The filmmaker is also considering a theatrical release or hosting a non-traditional screening when and if the COVID-19 situation improves.

Riyaz it’s not about winning or losing someone in love. It’s about how music helps us get through life. Love is the ultimate inspiration for a man to grow emotionally, express himself and also understand the world beyond its flaws and that is what it is about, ”said Borah, who also wrote and produced a film. While theaters are closed due to the pandemic, films are taking the over-the-top (OTT) platform route to reach their audiences. After Prakash Deka Fireflies (Jonaki Porua) and Prodyut Kumar Deka’s Chiyahir Rang (The Color of the Feather), Riyaz is Assam’s third feature film to make its digital debut. He will be followed by Rajen Das’ Life in a puppet slated for release on Moviesaints on July 17th.

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