Five Flavors Asian Film Festival announces program sections for its 16th edition

The 16th Five Flavors Asian Film Festival will take place in a hybrid format. The films will be screened in Warsaw in cinemas: Muranów and Kinoteka from 16 to 23 November; and an online edition will last until December 4. The program for the 16th edition of the festival is prepared by: Marcin Krasnowolski, Jakub Królikowski, Łukasz Mańkowski, Zofia Niziołek and Maja Pielak.

The Water Tiger is a lunar patron of this year’s Five Flavors – it represents yang energy and symbolizes strength, vitality and confidence in action. All graphic projects were designed by Przemysław Ostaszewski.

The event is dedicated to the memory of the dearest colleague and friend of the Five Flavors team, Jagoda Murczyńska.

Here are the sections of the festival:

Retrospective: Edward Yang

Yi Yi – One one and one two

Retrospective: Edward Yang is the first Polish review of the work of the Taiwanese master of the New Wave. Still unknown to our audience, Yang’s neo-modernist films depict the changing capital – Taipei – with architectural precision, tenderness and sometimes irony. From the image of the uncertain, troubled by the political unrest of the 1960s, during which Yang spent his childhood; through the specific confusion of the 1980s, when the city throbbed with both neon energy and cosmopolitan ambitions; to a melancholy record of the fears surrounding the end of the millennium, infused with nostalgia for the 90s era. For nearly two decades, Yang has captured something absolutely unique in his films: this extremely complex state of limbo in which Taiwan seems to have been stuck for years – in No-Time, in an ever-modernizing space, ever-changing identities. Years later, Yang’s films have been restored, and watching them today opens up new avenues for their interpretation. The section’s partner is the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan.

Hong Kong. Cinema of the time of change

On July 1, 1997, 25 years ago, Hong Kong came under Chinese administration. For ordinary people it was a time of uncertainty, for filmmakers – a time of great turbulence. Once-heavy budgets have shrunk, and Beijing has begun to control and regulate the market. Paradoxically, this made Hong Kong cinema more diverse – there were major independent filmmakers who felt comfortable working outside of the big studios.

Hong Kong. Cinema of the time of change will showcase the best films made there after 1997 – the emotional gangster cinema, which for decades was a showcase of Fragrant Harbour, but also modest and brilliant films centered on the hectic daily life of this extraordinary city. Their common denominator is the notion of change and an impression of inevitably limited time. Presented together, they depict the evolution of this cinematography under increasing pressure from powerful political forces. The section’s partner is Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office Berlin.

Japan feels good

funky forest

On the one hand, stories soothing in their simplicity, on the other, comedies full of absurd humor – at Japan feels good section, we juxtapose two well-worn images of Japanese cinema. On the program, the cult and surrealist comedy funky forest and the latest films of Shuichi Okita – one of Japan’s most empathetic modern-day observers. Expressive stories, which radiate universal good, but also films full of extraordinary energy or crazy fairy tales – Five Flavors invites you to look at these images of Japan, which do not usually find their place in traditional narratives. It will be an excellent opportunity to review one’s relationship with nature, to deepen intergenerational dialogue or to experience the purifying power of female friendship. As the name of the section suggests, soothing the body and uplifting the spirit are the main themes here.

New Asian Cinema

The new Asian cinema is the competition section of Five Flavors, well known to its viewers. Ten films, directed by authors at the start of their film career, but already of extraordinary talent, make up a colorful and significant panorama of Asian cinema. These are images from Taiwan, South Korea, India and others, which follow the pulse of change in each country, highlight important social issues and always provoke long discussions – also with artists who have come to Poland. The International Popular Jury will select the winner of the Festival from the films in this section. You can apply to be part of the International Popular Jury HERE.

Asian cinema

Asian cinema offers a selection of films by renowned filmmakers who have delighted spectators at international festivals for many years. They are also works that captured the hearts of Asian viewers and became box office hits in cinemas across Asia. Guided with a steady hand, with a breathtaking level of execution, Asian Cinerama are screenings of films by great masters, whose previous works have been enthusiastically received by audiences at the Five Flavors Film Festival.

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