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Actor Ko Kyoung-pyo [SIDUS PICTURES]

Actor Ko Kyoung-pyo has released five films since May, including Netflix’s ‘Seoul Vibe’ and local box office hit ‘6/45’ – but the year isn’t over for the prolific actor.

He is set to star in tvN’s new romantic comedy “Love in Contract” which will begin airing on Wednesday.

“Love in Contact” is about the operators and customers of a matchmaking business that provides singles with temporary partners to bring to public events such as school reunions.

Actor Park Min-young will play the role of a fake professional wife who gives a helping hand to lonely people. Ko plays a rather mysterious longtime client of Park who keeps his job and other personal information about him hidden. Actor Kim Jae-young plays a celebrity and the youngest son of a conglomerate who becomes Park’s new client.

Actors Ko Kyoung-pyo, right, and Park Min-young in a poster for tvN's upcoming romantic comedy series

Actors Ko Kyoung-pyo, right, and Park Min-young in a poster for tvN’s upcoming romantic comedy series “Love in Contract” [TVN]

“The topics covered by the series were interesting and refreshing for me,” Ko said in an interview published by his agency CL & Entertainment, citing the reasons why he decided to participate in the series. “I also always wanted to work with director Nam Sung-woo.”

Director Nam, who took the helm of “Love in Contract”, is best known for directing series such as “My Roommate is a Gumiho” (2021), “Kkondae Intern” (2020) and “Kill It” ( 2019).

About why his character is so secretive compared to others in the show, Ko said he won’t stay too mysterious for long. “[The character] will relax quickly as the series progresses. He’s a bit shy and doesn’t have good social skills. Still, he’s a charming character who changes as he falls in love.

“Love in Contract” is a 16-episode series. It will air every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 p.m.

Ko Kyoung-pyo, left, and Park Min-young during a scene from the upcoming tvN romantic comedy

Ko Kyoung-pyo, left, and Park Min-young during a scene from tvN’s upcoming romantic comedy “Love in Contract” [TVN]

In December, Ko is set to release his seventh work of the year on Disney+.

The fantasy thriller series “Connect” is about a new breed of humans called “Connect” who have bodies that never age. Dong-soo, one of the Connects played by Jung Hae-in, is kidnapped by an organ trafficking organization and loses an eye. He later learns that his lost eye was transplanted to a notorious serial killer in Korea and he begins to track down that killer.

Ko portrays a character who accidentally gets his hands on Dong-soo’s eye.

Japanese filmmaker Takashi Miike helmed the series which marks his first directing of a Korean work.

Actor Ko Kyoung-pyo in a scene from the comedy film

Actor Ko Kyoung-pyo in a scene from the comedy “6/45” which hit theaters in August [TPS COMPANY]

Ko’s first film to hit the screen this year was a TVing original titled “Return to Hong Kong.” It humorously depicts the process of making a film from the directors’ point of view. Ko portrays a young director who struggles to make a film that captures the audience’s attention.

Ko then hit home with two comedies “Seoul Vibe” and “6/45,” both released in August.

In “Seoul Vibe,” available on Netflix, Ko portrayed an exuberant club DJ who is part of a ragtag crew that embarks on an undercover mission in the days leading up to the 1988 Seoul Olympics to take down a massive money laundering ring in hopes of realizing the American dream. Ko stars alongside Yoo Ah-in, Ong Seong-wu, Lee Kyoo-hyung, and Park Ju-hyun.

Ko’s “6/45”, which hit theaters the day after “Seoul Vibe”, topped the local box office for eight consecutive days and sold over 1 million tickets within 12 days of its release.

“6/45” is about South Korean and North Korean border soldiers who secretly meet after a first prize lottery ticket from South Korea crosses the Military Demarcation Line, entering North Korea. Ko plays one of the South Korean border soldiers and the original owner of the lottery ticket. Other actors in the film include Lee Yi-kyung and Kwak Dong-yeon.

Ko also made a brief appearance in director “Parasite” Park Chan-wook’s romance film “Decision to Leave” as a supporting actor in July and made a special appearance in the independent film “No Surprise.” early August. “No Surprise” revolves around three friends who all studied film at university.

Ko is known as an actor who doesn’t discriminate between roles based on size or screen time.

In an interview with the local press last month, he said he didn’t think he should just insist on taking on lead roles because he had reached a point in his acting career that would be considered “successful”.

“I don’t act to only play the main roles. It doesn’t matter if the role is a supporting role or an extra, the important thing is that I participate in this project and the time I spend doing The time is limited and i want to show many different facets [as an actor]. I don’t have time to distinguish between lead and non-lead roles.”

Ko Kyoung-pyo, left, during a scene from tvN's hit drama series

Ko Kyoung-pyo, left, during a scene from tvN’s hit drama series “Reply 1988” (2015) [TVN]

Ko made his acting debut in 2010 in MBC’s drama series “Jelly Fish 2” and has since starred in some 40 movies and drama series. He was also a regular cast member for seasons one through three of “SNL Korea,” from 2011 to 2012.

His breakthrough role came in 2015 when he was cast as one of the leads in the retro coming-of-age drama “Reply 1988” aired on tvN. Some of the other works Ko is best known for are SBS’s “Dare to Dream” (2015), tvN’s “Sikago Tajagi” (2017), and JTBC’s “Private Lives” (2020).

Actor Ko Kyoung-pyo [

Actor Ko Kyoung-pyo [

Ko Kyoung-pyo  
Date of birth: June 11, 1990
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Birthplace: Incheon
Debut: 2010 through the MBC drama series “Jungle Fish 2”  
Agency: CL& Company  
Actor Ko Kyung-pyo debuted in 2010 as a supporting actor in the MBC drama series ‘Jungle Fish 2.” His breakthrough role came in 2015 when he was cast as one of the leads in the retro coming-of-age drama “Reply 1988” that aired on tvN. Some of the other works that Ko is best known for are SBS’s “Dare to Dream” (2015), tvN’s “Sikago Tajagi” (2017), JTBC’s “Private Lives” (2020) and Netflix original film “Seoul Vibe.” For his performance in “Dare to Dream,” he received the New Star award at the 2016 SBS Drama Awards. 
This information was confirmed by CL& Company on Sept. 15, 2022.  

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