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DUBAI: The artists participating in the first Diriyah Contemporary Art Biennial were announced this week. More than 60 artists, from all over the world, are ready to present their work at the event, which will be held from December 11 to March 11, 2022, in the Jax district of Diriyah.

Developed by a team of international curators led by Philip Tinari, Director and General Manager of the Center for Contemporary Art, UCCA, China, the Biennale will take place in six sections, with works by national and international artists examining the theme ” Feeling the Stones ”and engaging visitors in a dialogue around contemporary art.

Selected artists include Omar Abduljawad (Saudi Arabia, 1989), Sarah Abu Abdallah (Saudi Arabia, 1990), Hmoud Al Attawi (Saudi Arabia, 1986), Manal AlDowayan (Saudi Arabia, 1973), Fahad Al Hejailan (Saudi Arabia, 1957 -2018), Lulwah Al-Homoud (Saudi Arabia, 1967) and many others.

“As the Foundation prepares to open the first contemporary art biennial organized, designed and hosted in Saudi Arabia, the selection of artists is emblematic of our commitment – to present Saudi artists in dialogue with leading artists from across the country. world, ”said Aya Al-Bakree, CEO of the Diriyah Biennale Foundation, on the selection of artists. “We regard the development of cultural exchanges and international dialogue in contemporary art as a crucial element to improve the cultural infrastructure of this country and we look forward to welcoming artists and the public to Diriyah”, he said. she adds.

Echoing Al-Bakree’s statement, Tinari said, “The Diriyah Contemporary Art Biennial offers an unprecedented opportunity for the broad audience of Saudi Arabia to experience global contemporary art.

Tinari revealed that the four-month event will also include 30 site-specific commissions.

The Diriyah Contemporary Art Biennale was created in 2020 with the support of the Saudi Ministry of Culture. This will be the Kingdom’s first international contemporary art biennial.

The full list of participating artists includes:

Omar Abduljawad (Saudi Arabia, 1989)

Sarah Abu Abdallah (Saudi Arabia, 1990)

Hmoud Al Attawi (Saudi Arabia, 1986)

Manal AlDowayan (Saudi Arabia, 1973)

Fahad Al Hejailan (Saudi Arabia, 1957-2018)

Lulwah Al-Homoud (Saudi Arabia, 1967)

Mahdi Al Jeraibi (Saudi Arabia, 1969)

Abdullah AlOthman (Saudi Arabia, 1985)

Monira Al Qadiri (Kuwait, 1983)

Daniah Al Saleh (Saudi Arabia, 1970)

Mohammed Al Saleem (Saudi Arabia, 1939–1997)

Shadia Alem (Saudi Arabia, 1960)

Zahrah Al Ghamdi (Saudi Arabia, 1977)

Marwah AlMugait (Saudi Arabia, 1981)

Jowhara AlSaud (Saudi Arabia, 1978)

Rashed Al Shashai (Saudi Arabia, 1977)

Dana Awartani (Saudi Arabia – Palestine, 1987)

Larry Bell (United States, 1939)

Sultan Bin Fahad (Saudi Arabia, 1971)

Birdhead (China, est 2004)

Sarah Brahim (Saudi Arabia, 1992)

Colin Chinnery (UK, 1971)

Ayman Yossri Daydban (Palestine – Jordan, 1966)

Simon Denny (New Zealand, 1982)

Ibrahim El Dessouki (Egypt, 1969)

Osama Esid (Syria, 1970)

Morris Foit (Kenya, 1940)

John Gerrard (Ireland, 1974)

Abdullah Hammas (Saudi Arabia, 1953)

Huang Rui (China, 1952)

William Kentridge (South Africa, 1955)

Wolfgang Laib (Germany, 1950)

Lei Lei & Chai Mi (China, 1985)

Lawrence Lek (Germany, 1982)

Richard Long (United Kingdom, 1945)

Maha Malluh (Saudi Arabia, 1959)

Ahmed Mater (Saudi Arabia, 1979)

Mohamed Melehi (Morocco, 1936-2020)

Han Mengyun (China, 1989)

Sarah Morris (United States, 1967)

Munira Mosli (Saudi Arabia, 1954 – 2019)

Peter Mulindwa (Uganda, 1943)

Nabuqi (China, 1984)

Filwa Nazer (Saudi Arabia, 1972)

Geof Oppenheimer (United States, 1973)

Miguel Angel Payano Jr. (United States, 1980)

Faisal Samra (Saudi Arabia, 1956)

Shao Fan (China, 1964)

Muhannad Shono (Saudi Arabia, 1977)

Timur Si-Qin (Germany, 1984)

Tavares Strachan (Bahamas, 1979)

Superstudio (Italy, est 1966)

Koki Tanaka (Japan, 1975)

Wang Luyan (China, 1956)

Wang Sishun (China, 1979)

Wang Yuping (China, 1962)

Andro Wekua (Georgia, 1977)

Xu Bing (China, 1955)

Yukinori Yanagi (Japan, 1959)

Ayman Zedani (Saudi Arabia, 1984)

Zhang Peili (China, 1957)

Zheng Yuan (China, 1988)

Zou Zhao (Singapore, 1989)


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