Assamese director Aimee Baruah’s award-winning love jihad film ‘Screaming Butterflies’ screened at South Asian Short Film Festival

The Assamese actor-director’s award-winning documentary “Screaming Butterflies” screened at the fifth South Asian Short Film Festival on August 3 in Kolkata. The documentary features testimonials from grooming victims about their heinous victimization.

It received the Silver Conch Award for Best Documentary Film at the Mumbai International Film Festival and will be screened by the Films Division this month in association with the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute (SRFTI).

A OpIndia report in this case notes:

According to reports, the documentary contains horrific stories of all those women who were victims of conversion to Islam under the pretext of love affairs with Islamist men…

…Elaborate on the film howling butterflies, the director said that as of early 2021, she knew 26 girls from Assam who were tricked and tortured by Islamist men who posed using false religious identities to lure them out. It was then that she began to shoot the film. “I wanted to hear their stories first. I asked permission to film once I heard them,” she was quoted. The Assamese actress says she is still in touch with each of them…

… Describing the plight of the women, the director said: “The women shared their stories in the hope that it might help other girls not to be tricked in this way. Every word they spoke came out of the depths of truth”. She added that the film was not aimed at any particular community. “It’s wrong for a person of any faith to trick girls in this way and force them to convert,” she said.

Talking about not blurring the faces of victims in howling butterflies, Aimee Baruah said that when the faces of the victims are not shown, it is very difficult to show their emotions. And it was good that the victims themselves wanted to reveal their faces in front of the cameras and gave their legal consent. The victims said they had told their stories to the media in the past, but the issue was not highlighted, so they came forward to tell their stories on camera.

Saying the tortures of women were unimaginable, Aimee said she couldn’t show it all because she felt it would be too much. She also said that her film was not against any particular community, but that no one in the world should be allowed to treat women like this using false identities and lies.

“For me, they are not just simple movie characters, but original people who have had terrible experiences. And if we don’t observe their pain closely, we won’t understand their difficulties,” the director said after winning Best Documentary Film (Under 60 Minutes) in the National Competition section of the 17th International Film Festival. from Mumbai.

Although preparing for jihad is a serious issue in several states across the country, the leftist-Islamist cabal continues to live in denial and even calls it a “Hindu lie”. Islamists trap non-Islamist women in “romantic relationships” only to sexually exploit them and convert them to Islam. Women are even forced to consume beef and suffer untold horrors.

Several states have strict anti-grooming laws, but incidents have not decreased. “Women’s lives are ruined after facing misery. Unfortunately, our laws are not strong enough to punish perpetrators,” Aimee said. Aimee has won awards and accolades at several film festivals, including Berlin, for her first Dimasa language short film “Semkhor”. She made her Cannes debut this year.

(Featured Image Source: OpIndia)

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