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Aiming to increase its share in a growing entertainment market, AQ Prime has launched its streaming app, which will offer its local and international audience a different type of Filipino entertainment.

Available to download from Google Play and App Store (for just 100P for three months), AQ Prime features a variety of world-class Filipino movies, concerts, events and shows that are a feast for the senses.

Besides the Philippines, the app is set to launch in Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Canada, UAE, and the United States.

The first entertainment offerings in the AQ Prime app are Adonis X by Alejandro “Bong” Ramos, Bingwit by Neil “Buboy” Tan, Huling Lamay by Joven Tan, and La Traidora by Alejandro “Bong” Ramos.

Directed by Alejandro “Bong” Ramos, Adonis X stars Kristof Garcia, Kurt Kendrick Mark Mcmahon, Grace Vargas, Jaycee Domincel, Mia Aquino and Aldwin Alegre.

Krista Miller, Drei Arias, Conan King. Rob Sy, Aldwin Alegre and Boogie Canare Star in Erotic Drama “Bingwit”

In “BIngwit” by Neil “Buboy” Tan, the story revolves around Salem, a worldly ambitious woman who uses her charms to advance her stature. Salem has three men who fulfill his wishes and desires: a corrupt official Domingo, his favorite toy Aldon, and the mysterious man Medel.

“Huling Lamay” tells the story of cousins ​​Ben and Lucas, who pay their last respects and bid farewell to their grandmother in hopes that they will be proclaimed heirs. Instead, the duo got goosebumps and the biggest scare of their lives.

Joven Tan’s “Huling Lamay” stars Marlo Mortel, Buboy Villar, Lou Veloso, Mira Aquino, Waki ​​Cacho and Aldwin Alegre.

In Alejandro “Bong” Ramos’ second film, “La Traidora,” fiction and fact collide when art and commercialism are on the warpath and love and friendship are put at risk. the test, resulting in a fascinating watch.

“La Traidora” features Brylle Mondejar, Joni McNab, Oj Arci, Ricardo Cepeda, Mia Aquino, Juan Calma and Aldwin Alegre.

The cast of ‘Bingwit’ (left to right) Drei Arias, Krista Miller and Conan King

These films from AQ Prime will herald the beginning of Filipino entertainment like no other.

On April 6, A&Q Entertainment and Prime Stream, Inc. announced a groundbreaking tie-up with South Korea’s Sun Mobile Commerce (SBT) as the two companies signed an agreement at their new headquarters in Quezon City.

Atti. Aldwin F. Alegre, CEO and President of A&Q Entertainment and Prime Stream, met Seo Byung-yul, head of Philippine company SBT, along with key personalities, to seal the deal to launch a new OTT (Over -the-Top) media service called AQ Prime.

This marks another step forward for A&Q as it aims to be the most recognized brand in Filipino entertainment management not only in the Philippines but also worldwide. A&Q Films Production is the company behind the success of “Nelia”, which entered the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) 2021, starring Winwyn Marquez and Raymond Bagatsing.

For its latest venture into the online world, AQ Prime is more than set to operate the entertainment and media streaming platform and online distribution of movies, live events, as well as series, news , sports and entertainment shows online via free shows. watch titles outside of its premium content under affordable subscriptions.

“The recently launched OTT service in the Philippines is AQ Prime, which competes with world-class OTT services such as Netflix, Disney Plus and Apple TV, and plans to provide unique services by curating unique movies and TV programs to Philippines. wrote News Korea, an online news publication in Korea.

The signing ceremony was also attended by Filipino actors, directors and broadcasting executives.

For this investment, SBT aims to invest $2 million in the future in addition to the initial investment, as it continuously discovers content to stream on AQ Prime.

“Through SBT’s OTT investment in the Philippines, we want to create a synergistic effect that can be linked to Filipino culture. And our goal is to make it easier to use OTT services,” said Lee Kwang-rok, CEO of SBT.

This statement is supported by Atty. Alegre because he believes in the power of OTT. “We want to bring Korean culture into the vast landscape of the entertainment industry in the Philippines. Moreover, our mission is to put Filipino entertainment in everyone’s media as well.

For AQ Prime COO Atty. Melanie Honey Quiño, AQ Prime has gained a collaborative edge in order to become more competitive in the online streaming arena.

“This partnership is more than just an investment partnership,” Atty said. Quiño explained. “It’s a collaborative relationship, an agreement to come together and explore streams of opportunities. Our companies shared common goals and visions, and we wanted to offer people here and abroad a wide range of entertainment and information shows.

AQ Prime is a streaming company that brings legacy and upcoming movies to Filipino audiences inside and outside the Philippines.

The company will operate on a paid subscriber base with a focus on all Filipinos and Filipinos living abroad – as an initial target and eventually focusing on other subscribers to expand its subscriber base.

The production of original content is one of the major axes of the company. This will not be limited to films, but will also open up to other content that will add value to the product offering, including live pay-per-view shows, such as concerts, competitions, events sports, plays, etc.



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