10 Beloved Geek Icons That Make The Nerdy Cool

The days when geeks were the object of ridicule and social ostracism are long gone, with the 21st century seeing a dramatic rise in the popularity of all things geeky. Old divisions have been shattered, with people from all walks of life embracing their inner fanboy/girl. Companies have even intervened, with netflix hosting its Geeked Week in June 2022.

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This rise of geek culture has been greatly facilitated by celebrities wearing their geek colors high and proud, showing the world that there’s never been a better time to be a geek or a nerd. From A-list Hollywood actors to less traditional community icons, they’re kings and queens of geekdom.


Henry Cavill – Turns out Superman is a super nerd

He is perhaps known for his roles in action movies, playing super strong and heroic characters like Superman or Geralt of the witcherbut Henry Cavill is also a giant player at heart. Whether it’s his love for iconic games such as war hammer or his passion for building his own gaming PCs, Cavill has plenty of geek credibility to his name.

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He even told how he almost missed Zack Snyderthe phone call from to tell him he won the role of Superman because he was busy acting World of Warcraft. Now, if that’s not dedication to your inner geek, I don’t know what is.

Simon Pegg – The Ultimate Nerd Does It Right

First recognized for his sitcom, Space, Simon Pegg gained a wider international audience following the release of his 2004 zombie comedy film, Shaun of the Dead. Many considered geeky royalty, the English actor grew up obsessed with the likes of star wars and has always talked about his geeky and nerdy passions. He even went so far as to name his 2009 autobiography Nerd do well.

As an actor, Pegg has even managed to pull off what he once called “the ultimate nerd hat-trick”, having played roles in three of the biggest geek franchises: Doctor Who (1963-), star trek (2009) and, of course, his beloved star wars.

Seth Green – Proof that you’re never too old to play with toys

seth green no shortage of geek credits to its name, having starred in the likes of buffy the vampire slayer, family guy, and Austin Powers. He even lent his voice to Howard the Duck in various MCU projects and rapped about gamer girls in the viral 2010 music video, “G33K & G4M3R Girls.”

However, for nearly two decades, Green has been best known as the creator, executive producer, and voice actor behind the stop-motion series.Robot Chicken. That’s right, this man made his living playing with toys – it’s the dream here!

Adam Savage – His love for cosplay can’t be broken

wild adam is best known for co-hosting the popular Discovery Channel show, Mythbusters, which ran from 2003 to 2016. With a long career in special effects, Savage has used his design and engineering skills to create wild creations, not just to Mythbusters but for other companies like the Tested by Adam Savage Youtube channel.

These skills have also helped his love of cosplay, and over the years he has designed and made countless costumes, which he has worn on his various programs. The man even gave a TED Talk in 2016 preaching his love and passion for the hobby – it doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Kevin Smith – He was never silent about being a fanboy

Chances are, if you’re part of the geek world, you know who Kevin Smith is. In many ways, he represents a fanboy’s ultimate dream come true: a comic book fan who sold his collection to fund an independent film, which became an instant cult classic and catapulted him to stardom.

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There are very few corners of the pop culture world these days that Smith hasn’t been involved in, but despite all his success, he still feels like “one of us” – just a fan. means full of passion and enthusiasm. He still finds time to revisit the film that started it all nearly thirty years later.

Joe Manganiello – Breaking D&D Gamer Stereotypes

Known for his fitness, Joe Manganiello has showcased his physique for numerous projects, such as true blood and magic mike. However, he is also known for his geeky leanings. Not only has he appeared in comic book movies such as Spider Man and Justice Leaguebut he is very vocal about his love for Dungeons and Dragons.

Manganiello became the star child of fame J&D celebrity gamers and nerds. It can’t be underestimated how much he has helped change mainstream perceptions of what it means to be a geek.

Wil Wheaton – From being hated by Trekkies to being loved by all

Wil Wheatonit is Star Trek: The Next Generation The character, Wesley Crusher, may have been poorly received by fans, but in the decades that followed, Wheaton overcame that adversity to become top geeky royalty. An avid gamer himself, Wheaton has made a name for himself not only in television and film, but also in web series.

This has included her role in the beloved gamer-centric comedy series, the guild, and his work with the YouTube channel Geek & Miscellaneous, notably as a presenter for their series, table top. It all led to Wheaton becoming one of the most prominent members of the geek community, even playing himself in a recurring role onThe Big Bang Theory.

Yaya Han – The Original Cosplay Queen

Someone who has seen geek culture evolve over the past twenty years is a professional cosplayer Yaya Han. Discovering cosplay after attending the Anime Expo in 1999, Yaya taught herself how to create her own costumes at a time when the internet was in its infancy and resources for cosplayers were non-existent.

She made a name for herself with an ever-expanding array of costumes, eventually becoming one of the first cosplayers to be invited to conventions as a guest. Since then, she’s grown her brand, launched a line of fabrics and other cosplay materials, and even written a book. As such, she was a driving force in turning “professional cosplayer” into a legitimate career path.

Matt Mercer – The Master of all Dungeon Masters

Matt Mercier played, ahem, a critical role in the Dungeons and Dragons revival of the last decade. A voice actor by trade, Mercer was already appreciated for the countless characters he portrayed in cartoons and video games, such as Levi Ackerman in The attack of the Titans. However, it was his role as dungeon master for the huge success J&D webseries, critical rolewho cemented her place as a pop culture icon.

Mercer and his compatriots gained a new level of popularity in 2022 with the release ofThe Legend of Vox Machinaan animated series based on the band’s first campaign, with most of the band members reprising their roles.

Felicia Day – The undisputed queen of geekdom

When it comes to poster kids for modern nerds and geeks, you need look no further than Felicia day. As an actress, Day is known for her roles in genre classics such as buffy the vampire slayer, Supernatural, and Dr. Horrible Blog. Beyond that, she is known for projects like The guilda web series based on her life as a gamer, and for creating the Geek & Miscellaneous online media company – the original home of critical role.

She has also written several books, lent her voice to several video games and frequently works as an interviewer/host for various programs. Day is probably more steeped in geek culture than anyone and has brought a whole new meaning to what a geek can be.

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